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 Tips for accounts safety

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Tips for accounts safety Empty
PostSubject: Tips for accounts safety   Tips for accounts safety EmptyWed Apr 07, 2010 9:44 pm

Ok today I will Give you All some Tips

Tips for accounts safety

1- Use an UPDATED Anti-Virus/Spyware/Adware. This is essential.
Avg or Kaspersky is enough for that I think. btw. useing Iceword at the same time is better.
2- Don't use the same ID/Password of your game (SRO. in this case) on Forums.
3- Do NOT use illegal 3rd party programs (Cracked programs). Since most of 'em are viruses. DO NOT use bot. I know its well for some lazy bones. BUT Its danger.
4- Be careful with the files you open (recent downloads). Also I'd recommend checking every downloaded file with an anti-virus. Dont click the link if you dont know if its safe. I played wow before.e bay is the best choice for the gold =). In Sro. All of 'gold sites' full with virus. Good Luck.
5- We all know this one. DO NOT share your accounts with others.
6- Keep the "Remember Me" option always checked. doing so will save you from re-typing your account info if you've had a keylogger on your computer.
7- And the last but not least. ALWAYS use a secure password.
8- DO NOT TRUST ANYONE. who knows if the person you're giving your account info has keylogger and such malicious programs on there computers. >.>
That's all, I hope this thread be useful for y'all What a Face
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Tips for accounts safety
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