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 Fortress War [Bug Report] Disconnect When Getting Guild Attacking the Fortress

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PostSubject: Fortress War [Bug Report] Disconnect When Getting Guild Attacking the Fortress   Wed Apr 07, 2010 9:50 pm

We have received a few complaint from user claiming that the protecting guild aren't able to view the guild attacking the fortress. Everytime they click on it to get the information they get a "Disconnected from server" error message.

This error prevent people from being able to view how many guild and which guild are attacking the fortress.

If anyone has information about how frequent that error occur, please post your ServerName, which fortress you are defending and if you receive such an error.

ServerName: [Name of your server]
Fortress: [Bandit/Jangan/Hotan]

[Such an error never occured, everything fine here]
[I am experiencing the same issue, please fix it!]

If you are experiencing such an issue and you found a way around it to have the list of guild attacking, please inform us here how you were able to get such information.

If you aren't aware of the issue, please talk to a guild that is the owner of a fortress in your server and reply here if they claim to be experiencing such an issue.

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Fortress War [Bug Report] Disconnect When Getting Guild Attacking the Fortress
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