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 Exchange Gold To Silk

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PostSubject: Exchange Gold To Silk   Exchange Gold To Silk EmptyThu Apr 08, 2010 1:43 am

Hi Again guys....

i want all to know something have 1 website gold campony can exchange Gold to Silk
Thats Website Not Scammer Trust me.. and how to exchange With SILK????

Two ways are available to change the gold into silk:
1. Offer your account name and password, we will help you to charge the silk.All players could enjoy this way

2. Add by yourselves as usual.
Players belong to the countries below cant used them:
Malaysia,poland,Brazil,German,Middle East

How to exchange gold to silk?
1.Visit our website to calculate by yourself
2.Contact our MSN or Livechat
3.Give us the gold you have in the game
4.Give you the silk you should get according to the formula

About the e-pin card
1.there are 4type of silk ,50silk,100silk ,300silk ,500silk
2.we are offering 50silk e-pin card temporary,while we will open more kinds of e-pin card in the future
3.if you dont konw how to charge the silk please ask our customer service

Any Info Just Visit

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Exchange Gold To Silk
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