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 Massive DC Exploit Solved!

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Massive DC Exploit Solved! Empty
PostSubject: Massive DC Exploit Solved!   Massive DC Exploit Solved! EmptySat Apr 10, 2010 2:04 am

[exploit] exploit News: 2009-12-21 - Massive DC Exploit Solved!

We posted a few hours earlier a Massive DC exploit which can only be used to make the client of legit player crash. This exploit is due to the following missing file:

Thank to kaperucito

By added that file to the pk2, Joymax will have solved the main part of the client crashing issue.
There is some solution on srf forum and rev6 forum about how to temporarily make the new event monster appear as a mangnyan monster to prevent the client from crashing. Though, it would be appreciated if Joymax could take the time to add that file.

It is Christmas holiday; I do not believe there will be a fix anytime soon. Though, we have pin-pointed the issue.
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Massive DC Exploit Solved!
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