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Regarding the people being hacked and how to avoid it. AVenus_1665_1Regarding the people being hacked and how to avoid it. GVenus_RP_BLOODLINE_19Welcome To RpBloodline Forum->ATTENTION!! Please Dont Used Your Character Email,Login,Password Here,THIS IS NOT ALLOWED!!! For Your Protection Charcter Please Used Another Email To Register Here Thanks.. RP Jump3r


 Regarding the people being hacked and how to avoid it.

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Regarding the people being hacked and how to avoid it. Empty
PostSubject: Regarding the people being hacked and how to avoid it.   Regarding the people being hacked and how to avoid it. EmptyWed Apr 14, 2010 6:45 pm

Quote :
Hi Guys Today Get SHOCK Some One Got Hacked So i Will Give Some Tips To male Our Account Safely

Let me sum this up for you, in a SHORT list of things you should keep in mind to safeguard your account from someone like ME.

1- Strong password. Press random keys on your keyboard, or use a password randomizer.

2- RECORD YOUR PASSWORDS. Write them down, that way you can use STRONGER passwords.

3- TREAT YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS LIKE A PASSWORD. Use a NEW e-mail for ALL of your SRO accounts. Under NO circumstances should your username be in your password.

4- Don't fill in public profiles. People use them to hack your account.

5- Don't use the same username to post on boards as you use as a login. Can't stress this enough. That's 50% of your account lost.

6- Search for your OWN information on google. Anything you find - DON'T EVER USE IT AGAIN. This information is now INSECURE.

7- Watch out for XFIRE accounts. They show how much of a PRIME TARGET you are. (1K hours+ logged into SRO? You've got a fat account.)

If you've made a mistake with your account, DON'T PANIC. You can still save it - even if it has been compromised before.

Change your e-mail to something completely out of the ordinary. Something you've never used before.

Make it NOT a word, or a combination of 2 words and some numbers - the longer it is - the harder it is to figure out.

Change your actual name. Use the same fake name for _all_ of your logins.

When you set your passwords - don't be afraid to combine things. If your old pass was dog133 - change it to a combo of words plus numbers: car133bird331 - dumb as it looks - is a GOOD password VS a brute force attack. It's simple for you to remember, and it's HUGE when a scriptkiddie goes to attack it.

i found it at silkroad forum i hope this will help us

This information has been posted by Jumper, due to it being in the 'housekeeping' section, most people wouldn't see this.
We would like to implement these as 'rules'
Due to the people being hacked, and for whatever reason, i do not know, i am also scared, PLEASE follow those pointers above to avoid being hacked!
This issue even caused me to be banned from RP, for the 'cleanup' but THANK GOD, the hacker has been found, THANKS to guen!

-can't wait to be back to RP, miss all you guys already Very Happy

This post will be >LOCKED< for now, after this situation is fully resolved.

EDIT: ROFLLL!!!!! lol! for some reason i cant lock this post, bahahaha, just pretend its locked pirat
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Regarding the people being hacked and how to avoid it.
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